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Every year the Western Australian Government Schools Music Society (WAGSMS) runs a series of Concerts at the Crown Theatre and Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

Below is a brief overview of these Concerts.

1. Group Size: There is an absolute limit of children in an item - check the information for your venue.

2. Item Length: These are limited to 7 minutes, maximum, on stage. For Band items: 9 minutes from curtain up to curtain down. Please consider selections and arrangements based on this ruling.

3. Rehearsal: The entire concert will be rehearsed in 3 hours on the morning of your performance – your students will be required to be present for the whole rehearsal. It has two major aims:

  • Firstly to enable performance staff to set sound and lighting levels and position stage equipment/props.
  • Secondly, to familiarise students with all facets of the venue. 

There will not be time to stop, redo, relocate children etc. Performance issues need to be settled at school prior to rehearsal.

4. Disabled Access: Wheelchair access is available.

5. Tickets: Tickets for the performance will be sold through Ticketmaster & Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

6. Stage Size: Stage plans are sent out and returned later in the year through the Concert Manager.

7. Piano: The piano (if required) has only one position.

8. Music Tracks: Instrumental only. CD's (if used) must only have the track(s) your item will use. No vocals on backing. Instrumental backing only. Student voices where voices are used.

9. Copyright: It is imperative that your item does not infringe copyright.

10. National Anthem: This will be played by the school performing first at the concert.

11. Concert Teacher: School staff who accompany the children to the rehearsal cannot claim teacher relief from WAGSMS.

12. Teacher Relief Claims: Schools employ their own relief should it be required.

13. Duty of Care: The organizers, managers and venue operators all have a duty of care but the ultimate duty of care rests with the school as it does in any excursion.

14. Item information: The music teacher or item director must provide details of the composer and arrangement for each item, to satisfy licensing and performance requirements. This is a legal (not merely a WAGSMS) requirement that must be followed.

15. Equipment: While all care is taken, the society cannot insure against loss or damage to instruments.

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