Parent Information Sheet

To All Parents with Children Performing at Crown Theatre

Firstly the WA Government Schools Music Society thanks you for allowing your children to be part of the upcoming Music Festival. Please read carefully information below.


Our Society has been running Concerts for over seventy years. We have as our aim the intention of raising the standard of Music in Government Schools. Since 2001 we have been running our Annual Festival at Crown Theatre, prior to that they were conducted in High School Halls.

Rehearsal and Concert

All Schools are required to rehearse in the morning of their Concert. Rehearsals run from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The Concerts always start at 7:00pm and we aim to finish by 10:00pm.


Tickets for family and friends are sold via Ticketmaster ( ).
Seating is located in the main auditorium. WAGSMS reserves the Upstairs Circle seating for students to observe the performances of other schools and for the soloists and their parents.


The upstairs Circle is carefully managed by the Crown Staff. They have an Iron Clad rule that no child can leave the area unless accompanied by a teacher. Parents cannot arrive upstairs to remove their children. The Crown staff has approx. 800 students in their care and their rules are carefully maintained.

The only way for a parent to collect a child early is to make prior arrangements with the school. Even then they must meet the teacher at the School Meeting Point. We respectfully request that all parents stay for the whole Concert so that children in the last Item have a full audience for their performance.

School Meeting Point

Crown Theatre has two foyers on the East and West sides of the Theatre. Both can be accessed from the front of the theatre. At rehearsal every school is given a Meeting Point in one of the Foyers, this will be marked on the wall by a large number signifying the Schools Item Nos. This meeting point is the location where you leave your children before the concert and collect them after the concert.

We trust you will enjoy the Concert as much as the children will enjoy the experience of performing.

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