This is most important. Teach children to breathe diaphragmatically. to practise this have children place their hands on the diaphragm, breathe in - diaphragm is pushed out; breathe out - diaphragm returns to normal position. This is best done when standing. Do not allow children to bend over in order to expel the last residue of air.
When breathing the shoulders should not be lifted - this occurs if breathing is shallow. No sound should be heard when inhaling or exhaling.

Deep breaths are needed in order to carry over phrases. By breaking in any part of a phrase the entire meaning of the phrase can be altered. A good example of this is found in Psalm 23 - “The Lord is my Shepherd”.
(Crimond) - especially verse 1.

“The Lord’s my Shepherd, v I’ll not want, v
He makes me down to lie - (carry over)
In pastures green, v He leadeth me - (carry over)
The quiet waters by.”

Deep breaths are needed in order to sustain long notes.

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