Songs must be “in tune”. This is not always easily acquired. Have “warm up” exercises before singing begins.

a) Sing up and down the scale; octave leaps; notes of a chord - arpeggio - 

doh - mee - soh - doh

eg. M C - E - G - C - up

and down to various vowel sounds

eg. ah, ee, oo, aw, etc., Add a beginning consonant eg. Lah, Mee, Doh, Noo;

speech jingles on successive notes up and down the scale -

eg. Ninety nine nuns nibbling nuts in a nunnery. (sing on one note at a time)

These are a few examples only.

To help children to sing notes clearly, especially the high notes - encourage the use of “head” voices instead of “chest” voices. The latter leads to shouting. Children should sing to you, not shout at you.

If possible teach the Tonic So/fa -
- ‘doh - ray - me - fah - soh - lah - tee - doh’ - and the hand signs if known. Have children use their hands to help them sing in tune. If the signs are not known use hands as “stepping stones”. This works almost as well. The physical activity brings good results.

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